About Me

futurewebsiteI am a writer and journalist with over a decade of experience in print and web media. My career has taken me from one of the largest women’s magazine to the world’s largest faith and spirituality website to seminary where I earned a Master’s of Divinity with a focus on Theology & Ethics and now I am pursuing a PhD in Ethics & Society in Emory University’s Graduate Division of Religion. I specialize in writing about culture—pop and otherwise—faith and sex, and have done so for numerous media outlets including Beliefnet.com, TheGloss.com, OnFaith.com and UrbanFaith.com. I also speak on faith and sex within religious and social service contexts.

Business aside I’m also a cupcake connoisseur, an amateur foodie, a lover and wearer of beautiful dresses, a web series junky, a bookworm, and a couch comedian. Yeah, I’m a lot aren’t I? I really just enjoy life. Like Drake, “I Just Wanna Be Successful”–sans money, cars, and women of ill repute–a translation of his words not mine. This blog was established to put words to the journey of life which has taken me far and wide professionally and personally from head to heart and everywhere in between.

Thank you for making this site a pit stop in your journey, I hope you’ll stay a while and maybe even sojourn with me. All are welcome.


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