The Unmarried, Single, Pregnant Gospel Singer: What This Says About Black Women and Safe Sex?

I find this video to be problematic and here’s why:

  • The headline, “The Unmarried, Single, Pregnant Gospel Singer: What This Says About Black Women and Safe Sex” is rhetorically charged to get the viewer to believe that pregnancy out of wedlock is wrong and black women aren’t engaging in safe sex.
  • Through their dialogue they are presuming that this young woman isn’t acting responsibly when they don’t know all the details–case in point is the fact that they published the video and then retracted a statement about her never being married when she was. Furthermore, there is a possibility that she could have been having safe sex and the condom broke because that happens.
  • Though they speak against the “judge mentality” they are sitting as judges against this woman presuming to know what is best for her.
  • What type of message does this send out to single mothers and the church’s view of them?

I can say much more about this but I want people to watch for themselves and critically engage this video. But, before I sign off I will say that we have to change the way we handle these situations. Conversations like this are the ones that start people on their way to leaving the church. We have to find a better way to engage this topic.

Do you think this could have been handled differently or are you okay with the way this was handled and the direction of the conversation?

Let’s talk about sex and the sanctuary.

Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing

Recently I read this article that suggests there are health benefits to having sex on a regular basis–regular meaning 2-3 times a week. So what kind of benefits can one get from having sex regularly? A stronger immune system, decongested nasal passages, healthier and happier outlook on life…Health benefits aside, I appreciated that the author, Arielle Loren, acknowledged, “how much we, as contemporary humans, have lost perspective on the positive aspects of sex and how it can heal the human body.” Talking about the positive aspects of sex, like its health benefits, sounds like sexual healing to me.