Secular Sociologist Studies Evangelical Virgin Men Who Got Married | New Republic

So many interesting things to note in this study not limited to the Evangelical man’s thought that men are highly sexual beings (read “more” highly sexual than women) and women are the providers of sexual activity for their husbands.

Reminds me of why some “church boys/men” scare me. Because they are more tied to their embedded theology and tradition than they are to the reality of women’s lives and varied experiences.

via Secular Sociologist Studies Evangelical Virgin Men Who Got Married | New Republic.


  1. I think what’s interesting about that article is that it somewhat alludes to the situation the Foucault spoke up in the “History of Sexuality,” where confession manuals guided and directed the dialogue in which the act was revealed. The desire for sex is exhausted in the act of sex. I think it enters to the public sphere when desire itself becomes a moral deviance, because it forces one to be conscious of desire, which entails consciousness of what it does not necessarily lead to. We take for granted that we have “sexual identities,” when such a thing is actually disconcerting


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